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“Make no bones about it; Skulduggery Pleasant serves up a thoroughly satisfying blend of humor, magic, and adventure.”
“Hugely enjoyable. A thrill-a-minute adventure.”
“A debut that brings a much needed twist. The author just may have invented a new genre: the screwball fantasy. ”
Publishers Weekly
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“Belongs in every library ”
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“An utterly charming debut, perfect for the Potter crowd.”
–PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)
Irish Book of the Decade
“The action brisk, his characters slightly macabre, and uses humor to take the edge off.”
“A fast-paced, movie-ready read.”
“A high-intensity tale…Readers, particularly Artemis Fowl fans, will be skipping meals and sleep to get to the end. ”
–KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review)
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Fan quotes

“It’s a skeleton, in a suit, chucking fireballs. What’s not to love?”
“Skulduggery is a reminder that even the most ordinary person can be extraordinary.”
“The best pep talk I ever heard was from Skulduggery. My best role model is Valkyrie.”
“Skulduggery Pleasant is one of those book series that has boosted my confidence to be different.”
“Friendship. Trust. Tears. Joy. Basically everything.”
“Skulduggery Pleasant is the sort of book series that you want everybody to love as much as you do. It makes you want to shout to the heavens ‘CAN EVERYBODY JUST READ THIS PLEASE!’”
“I met Valkyrie when I was thirteen, and know her still now that I’m nineteen. I’ve grown up with her. She’s made mistakes as I’ve made mistakes, been an idiot like I have, been proud and riddled with imperfections. I love her. I love Skulduggery. I love all the characters, the moments, the books – it has literally shaped the person that I am now.”
“What does Skulduggery Pleasant mean to me? It’s been an anchor. In times I’ve been upset or sad or even angry, SP has been there to console me, make me laugh and smile. When I’ve been lonely, I always know I have the beautiful characters that Derek Landy has brought to life and I’m never really alone. When I’m stressed, the books have been my escape.”
“Skulduggery Pleasant has affected me way more than I thought it would… I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had and I’ve been to another country and decided to be a writer because of it.”
“Thank you Derek, for this world you have created, with all its details, quirks, violence and drama. Please never stop being awesome. Or die. Either of those. Just don’t consider them.”
“I love that my whole family ages 13-47 have read and enjoyed this series. Family entertainment that pleases all can be hard to find. You did it, and we thank you.”
“To me the series is a place where I can lose myself in a land of action and magic, I love it so much. It’s really helped me through so much as a place I can go and forget my troubles and lose myself in the humour and wonder of the story.”

Skulduggery Pleasant arrived in the US on May 1, 2018

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