Skulduggery Bites

Stuck at home? Bored? Want to pretend to have friends?

Then listen to the first book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series and be surrounded by people talking to each other!


Find the final episode below and listen to the whole book here.

Skulduggery Pleasant - Episode 20

Because your life has been made IMMEASURABLY better you may not want to have to wait for the rest, so download the whole audiobook now using the links below.

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Are you doing okay?

That’s what people are asking each other a lot these days. Are you doing okay? Are you coping? How are you handling the lockdown? How are you getting on with the people around you? Do you have people around you? How are you spending your time? Is the boredom getting to you yet?

That’s why I’m here. We all need a little help, I reckon. We all need a little distraction. We need to be able to step out of our world, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day, and enter someone else’s life. We need stories to get us through this.

In an effort to help in some small way, we’re making the audiobook of the first Skulduggery Pleasant novel available on the website. You don’t have to pay, you don’t have to subscribe, you don’t have to do anything. You’ll get a chunk of the book posted here every weekday, and then it’ll all be collected at the weekends to make it handy for folks who get to it late.

Maybe it’ll make a few hours slip by a little faster. I hope it does.

To longtime Skulduggery readers who’ve never listened to the audiobook, this is your chance to revisit the very beginning of the series — and find out how some of the names are actually pronounced…!

And to new folk who haven’t had the sheer brain-bursting DELIGHT of experiencing Skulduggery Pleasant before now? Welcome to the first book, the first of a series that will change your life. Come. Join us as we explore important themes like power, corruption, guilt and, of course, kicking evil very hard in the face.


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She’s twelve. He’s dead. But together they’re going to save the world. Hopefully.

The iconic first book in the bestselling series.

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